Portable Compressed Air Dryer helps prepare water tank for new paint.

At a Military Air Base in Washington, our distributor Rapid Prep LLC helped prepare a water tank for new paint. Rapid Prep has several locations across the US.  They are known for being a full-service provider of all surface preparation equipment.

Surface preparation is essential as it not only cleans away undesirable contaminants like salts, dust, debris but also introduces a suitable profile for coating and paint adhesion to the surface. In addition, having a clean surface will increase your paint's durability.

Jake Matlock, Regional Sales Manager of Rapid Prep, explained, “that about 90% of their customers are blasting steel. Most compressors have their own ‘drying’ system. However, that alone is not good enough for abrasive blasting. We still need desiccant dryers. Desiccant dryers are about the best you can go with.”

Desiccant dryers provide cool, dry compressed air. Van Air Systems Deliquescent Air Dryers help cool and dry the air before entering the pressurized blasting pot. Otherwise, the blast media would be damp and not flow properly in the pots.  Other issues that arise from not having dry compressed air are clogged nozzles. The operator will blast moisture out of the nozzle onto freshly blasted surfaces.

At this job site, they were using a Blast Pak PRO-100 to help prep the water tank for paint.
The Blast Pak Pro Portable Compressed Air Dryer was designed specifically for blasting and painting contractors. Wet compressed air clogs blast pots, corrodes nozzles, and causes flash rusting. So getting the job done right the first time is a priority. The Blast Pak Pro is a complete compressed air-drying package. It comes standard with a portable single tower deliquescent dryer that is conveniently assembled and welded to a forklift skid with 4-way access. It also includes a removable air-cooled aftercooler, an F200 compressed air filter with muffler, an initial fill of deliquescent desiccant, and a 15-year warranty. For more information about our Blast Pak Pro and its features, click here.

“Van Air Systems Blast Pak Pros are very nice since they only require compressed air to operate. No electric power is needed, and they have a small footprint. With the temps and humidity up here in the Northwest lately, air dryers have been a hot commodity” – Jake Matlock, Rapid Prep LLC.


For more information on Portable Compressed Air Dryers, contact us at 1-800-840-9906.

Special thanks to Rapid Prep LLC and Jake Matlock for their hard work as a distributor and for sharing this application with us.

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