Deliquescent desiccant dryers are the perfect solution for removing moisture from compressed air and natural gas applications that are; point of use, remote use, requires portability, are intermittent flows. Some additional benefits of deliquescent desiccant dryers are; they do not require purge gas, they have no vent emissions and they do not require utilities or fuel to operate.

When coupled with low initial cost and ease of use, a deliquescent desiccant dryer is often the most attractive drying solution.

Van Air Systems new desiccant is called 4UF but is also known as Gas Dry™ Ultimate. This desiccant is formulated to provide very dry gas where other desiccants or glycols cannot.4uf-big

4UF/Gas Dry™ Ultimate has advantages over other drying methods in many applications. It will provide moisture equilibrium down to 4% RH and will work at temperatures from below freezing to 80 °F. It is capable of providing < 7 lbs moisture/MMSCF gas @ temperatures below 32 °F while operating at a very low 15 psig. At moderately higher temperatures, extremely low water content is still obtainable when pressure is in a normal 100 psig or higher range. A compressed air application with 80°F saturated inlet @ 100 psig can be dried to a pressure dew point below 5 °F or a 75 °F dew point suppression.

Van Air Systems has been the leader in deliquescent tablet production for over 70 years and offers several other well-known deliquescent tablets.

10BF/Gas Dry™ Max is capable of adsorbing moisture to an equilibrium moisture content down to 13 RH. It is typically used in temperature ranges of 40F-80F. This desiccant is ideal for drying natural gas used for fuel or instrument applications.

SP/Gas Dry™ Peak is capable of adsorbing moisture to an equilibrium relative humidity of 35% while operating in a temperature range of 40F to 70F. Often used for lower cost drying of high pressure continuous use fuel gas.

DRY-O-LITE®/Gas Dry™ Prime can operate at virtually any pressure in a temperature range of 40-100F. It is capable of adsorbing moisture to an equilibrium relative humidity down to 55% which is perfect for compressed air point of use, portable and or small intermittent use compressed air applications.

As with most products higher performance or in the case of desiccants, more water removal capability, comes with an increased cost and a higher consumption rate. In many cases operating costs can be reduced substantially by using multiple desiccant grades in series.

Talk to your local Van Air Systems desiccant supplier to determine the best solution for your needs. Or call us at 1-800-840-9906.

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